IFTA - International Fuel Tax Agreement

To make easy reporting the fuel taxes by motor carriers who operate in more than one member jurisdiction, 48 United States and 10 Canadian provinces have reached a fuel agreement called IFTA. According to the provisions of IFTA, a single fuel tax license is adequate to travel in all participating member jurisdictions.

A “Qualified motor vehicle” under IFTA is designed, maintained and intended for use in two or more member jurisdictions for the transportation of persons or property having:

  • 2 axles with gross vehicle weight in excess of 26,000 pounds (or)
  • 2 axles with registered vehicle weight in excess of 26,000 pounds (or)
  • 3 or more axles irrespective of weight
  • Is used in combination, when gross weight of such combination in excess of 26,000 pounds

Illinois IFTA Application

To receive Illinois IFTA license, you must electronically submit Form MFUT-12, Application for Motor Fuel Use Tax IFTA License and Decals, through the Illinois website at mytax.illinois.gov. We will not provide an Illinois IFTA license if you have an active IFTA license in another jurisdiction at present.

Illinois IFTA License

You will be issued one IFTA license. Your license is valid from the date of issue through December 31 of each licensing year.

Illinois IFTA Renewal

Submit your 2019 Renewal Application (Form MFUT-12) prior to midnight on December 31, 2018, for two purposes:

1. As 2018 IFTA licenses and decals expire on December 31st, you can still operate on your 2018 decals during the grace period (January 1st through the end of February).

2. You can prevent a 'suspended' account status and, thus have operating authority for IFTA & prevent roadside inspections and penalties.

Illinois IFTA Decals

To request decals, electronically pay $3.75-per-set decal fee and submit Form MFUT-12, Application for Motor Fuel Use Tax IFTA License and Decals.

Illinois IFTA Quarterly Report

The due dates for the IFTA quarterly fuel tax report are:

Quarters Month Due Date
1st January - March April 30
2nd April - June July 31
3rd July - September October 31
4th October - December January 31

If the due date falls on a weekend or state holiday, it will be extended to the following business day

You must electronically file your IFTA quarterly tax return.

ExpressIFTA, the IFTA Reporting Software is custom designed for filing your Illinois IFTA quarterly fuel tax report online. Report using our IFTA Software in simple steps. Create your free account, enter your business and vehicle details (Miles and Fuel Records) and generate your IFTA report.

Illinois IFTA Rates For 3rd Quarter 2021

State / Province Gasoline Special Diesel Gasohol Propane LNG CNG Ethanol Methanol E-85 M-85 A55 Biodiesel Electricity Hydrogen

Illinois IFTA Penalties

If you are found operating in Illinois without a valid form or without proper display of IFTA license, decals or single-trip permit, you must pay a minimum of $1,000 as a penalty and a minimum of $2,000 for each subsequent occurrence. Each vehicle in your fleet qualified for IFTA must carry the original IFTA license, a legible photocopy of the license, or a legible electronic image of the license.

Illinois IFTA Zero Report

Quarterly fuel tax return must be filed electronically by each IFTA license holder even if you had no operations during the quarter.

Illinois IFTA Refund and Credits

An overpayment in one jurisdiction will be applied to liabilities owed to another jurisdiction. A net refund will result only if your total tax-paid purchases are in excess of the total tax due.

  • If the refund due amount is less than $25, we will automatically credit the amount to your account.
  • If the credit amount accumulates to $25 or more, we will automatically issue you a refund.

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